You are provided with a unique possibility of free viewing and additional earnings with cardsharing! Bring your friends and someone you know to our server and get up to 20% from the amount they refill their balance.

The more friends you bring, the higher will be your percentage. The amount of your earnings is set up using very common scheme:

For each active* referee brought to our cardsharing server, your partner percentage will be increased by 1%. Maximum possible percentage is 20%.

For example, if you bring 3 persons, you will get 3% from each their refilling; if you bring 20 and more persons, you will get 20%! Money will be deposited to your referal balance immediately after your referees refill their balance.

How to start earning?

It’s very simple – you will find your unique link in the billing, “partnership” section.  Share this link with your friend. By entering the web-site using this link and registering, he will be your referee. After your friend refills account by even 1€, he will become “active referee” and your partner percentage will increase by 1% and you will start earning!

Is there any earnings history?

Yes, it is. You will find detail history for each referees – date of registration, amount earned by you, etc. in the billing, “List of referees” section.

There is also a very helpful thing available for tracing where any referee came from – so-called “campaigns”. For example, you have placed a referal link on your Facebook page or any blog. Using “campaigns”, you may learn where more people come from. For this, just add the following parameter &c=CAMPAIGN_NUMBER to your link and it will be reflected in the history. Campaigns can be created in the “referal link” section of the billing.

How the money earned can be taken?

The money can be taken in two ways:

  1. Transfer from the referee balance to the main balance and use for payment of your own subscriptions.
  2. Withdraw the money to your WMZ purse.
    For this, you need to make an inquiry via billing in “money withdrawal” section. Handouts can be done once per month, during the first week of the month. For withdrawal, 0.8% of commission is taken from the amount of withdrawal (commission of Webmoney system for transfer).


* User who refilled balance by 1€ and above is considered active referee. Referee deductibles are made for active referees within 12 months from the date of registration.