Dear customers, our service is designed for experienced users and does not provide technical support for adjusting client’s equipment.  If you do not know how to set up your receiver, please do not spend money, don’t refill balance and do not buy a subscription. First of all, take a free test, try to connect to the server and only after you get a picture on your TV and everything works OK, you may buy the subscription.

We will repeat that the subscription price does not include technical assistance for support and adjustment of your equipment. Such a technical assistance is not provided by our small staff in general due to a huge park of the client’s equipment. Therefore, if you never adjusted equipment before and have no idea how to do that, unfortunately, you are not our client. You may try to understand the issue by yourself by spending time for studying the issue at various forums, by watching YouTube video, you may address local specialists, adjusters, sellers of your equipment, etc., but not us. We are not ready to explain and adjust (set up) equipment to everyone, and the main thing- we do not want to do that. We are dealing with supporting server operation in 100% working condition, solving issues regarding payment, and technical issues of the server.  We will not respond the questions of the following type: “I bought a subscription and it does not work” or “Help in setting up cardsharing”.

Is there a problem with payment? Lost payment?

Create a query via ticket system in the billing.  To find the payment, your query shall contain: account in the system (e-mail), detail description of the problem, transaction ID, exact date and time of transaction, amount of the payment, title of the payment system used for payment. Print screen is desirable.

Is there a problem with show? TV stopped showing picture?

Before creating a query via the ticket system in the billing, reboot your receiver and modem (router). Be sure that internet is available in your receiver (YouTube is working, applications and plugins are being downloaded, etc.)  Then, be sure that there is a satellite signal available and FTA (free to air) channels are working. If everything works, check it in the billing whether your IP is blacklisted or not. If everything works and IP is not banned on the server, be sure once again that your subscription is active, it is not suspended (paused) and funds available on your balance are sufficient. If response to all those issues is positive, the last thing you will need to check is whether the right emulator is running and the emulator settings are OK inside the receiver.

In case of problems with the show, form shall contain as much information as possible, in particular:

1) your login in the system

2) name of the package, login and password of the subscription (HD+ login password)

3) external IP address (you may learn it by visiting http://myip.ru)

4) name of receiver, firmware version and emulator used (incl.version) (Dreambox 500HD, Newnigma 2.0, Mgcamd 1.35a)

5) full description of the problem (today, HD channels of HD+ package stopped working, SD channels are working OK.  Satellite rescanned, receiver rebooted, signal from satellite is OK, channels are OK in the channel list, emulator settings were compared to those given in the billing – OK, your recommended configs are used, connection to the server port is successful, it is clear from the log-file that requests to the server are OK, but no response. Emulator settings files are attached.  Please help to find the reason.)

6) it is required to attach emulator configs used, log-file of emulator operation, log of pings and route to the server.

Please use the form of query for all other questions not related to the show and payment.

Please read the user agreement before using our service.