Each user of our billing can be a reseller without any additional registration. To buy a subscription to your friend or client, no need to create additional accounts. Simply switch to the reseller mode and buy as many subscriptions as you like just in one click.

In the Buy section, select the subscription you need, fill the required field “number” in and click “buy”. After your order is confirmed, subscriptions will be generated and activated at the same time. Connection settings including the ready-made configuration for popular emulators will be available in My subscription section for each particular subscription, “Settings for receiver” section.

For each subscription, unique login and password are generated automatically. Password can always be changed by editing the subscription in My subscription section. Login cannot be changed. One subscription = one unique login which can be used for one receiver only. Free comment can be added to each subscription which can be used to find any client.

Money for all subscriptions are charged from the only balance on a daily basis at 00:01 server time (GMT+1). Charge is daily. You cannot extend subscription for week, month, year, etc. Until you pause (freeze) your subscription or delete it, it will work forever till the money is finished on your balance. The number of active subscriptions and their total cost per day of sharing is specified on each page of the billing.

Example: in order your 5 VIP-subscriptions 16 cents per day each are active within 10 days, the amount of 8$ (=10x5x0,16) shall be available on your balance. If the amount available on your balance is not sufficient at the time of charge (00:01), subscriptions will be put on hold and sharing will be stopped. As soon as you refill your balance, the amount for the current day of all your subscriptions on hold will be charged automatically and all subscriptions will be activated within 1 minute. The system will e-mail you notification on the necessity to refill the balance (7 days before the money is finished on your balance). If required, notifications can be disabled in your profile.

Any subscription can be suspended or deleted – from the next day, money for the subscription will stop be charged. If required, you may specify the end date of subscription. After the date specified, money for the subscription will stop be charged and the subscription status will change to finished. At any time, it is possible to renew subscription by editing the end date to avoid changing the settings in the client receiver. Warning!!! It is not possible to renew the subscription which was deleted!!! It is possible to buy a new subscription. However, you will need to visit your client to change login in emulator settings, since login is generated from the casual numbers and it is not possible to get the same login again.