Satellite position : 19E

Price per day: 0,02

Price per month: 0,60€

ORFORF is an Austrian TV operator successfully operating on the digital satellite television market.
Since 2013, the operator has changed its broadcast mode to high definition (HD).
The total number of channels included into ORF package is 9.
All channels are transmitted in MPEG-4/HD (H.264) mode and 1280×720 resolution.
The list of channels transmitted by ORF operator includes the following well-known Austrian channels such as ORF2 Burgenland HD, ORF2 Kärnten, ORF2 Oberösterreich HD, ORF2 Salzburg HD, ORF2 Steiermark HD, ORF2 Tirol HD, ORF2 Vorarlberg HD, ORF III HD, and ORF Sport + HD.
The quality of broadcast complies with the highest European standards. It means that the viewers will not be concerned about favorite TV-shows failure, and viewing favorite TV-shows will not be interrupted by sudden breakdowns.
Earlier, the Sky Deutschland pack offers were available only for German and Austrian residents.
Fortunately, nowadays, TV-viewers from other countries can be connected.
This can be performed thanks to the cardsharing service.
Cardsharing is available for connecting to the high definition TV-shows at a minimum price.
To connect using cardsharing system, no need in passwords, orders and additional fees.
It is sufficient just select the preferred package and follow instructions.
After the payment is made, it is possible to watch TV-channels at once.